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Celebrating Three Years of Financial Innovation: The Brief History of Oxymon

In the modern world of fintech, startups often rise to prominence, but only few manage to leave a lasting mark on the industry. Oxymon, one of Africa’s trusted financial solutions company, is a great reference point for positive impact on society, now celebrating its third anniversary. Founded by a visionary woman, the fintech has rapidly grown from its humble beginnings into a major organisation in the financial services sector.

From Public to Private Sector: A Range of Loan Services

Oxymon’s journey began with a vision to bridge the financial gaps faced by individuals and institutions across various sectors. Over the past three years, the company has evolved to offer a diverse range of loan services. A unique selling point is Oxymon’s commitment to serving a larger scale of customers, from personal loans to small businesses and even organisations.

Federal worker loans have been a significant focus for Oxymon, recognizing the vital role these individuals play in our community. By providing tailored loan solutions with competitive rates, we empower federal workers to manage their finances effectively while serving the nation.

Women In Business

Oxymon also offers business loans to female entrepreneurs & women running their own businesses. One of the major reasons for this as mentioned earlier is to bridge the gaps faced by women across various business sectors which have kept them side-lined for too long.

A remarkable aspect of Oxymon’s journey is the leadership behind it. The company is proudly spearheaded by a woman in tech, challenging industry norms and breaking barriers. Her innovative mindset and tech-savvy approach have been instrumental in shaping Oxymon into a dynamic fintech powerhouse.

Innovative Savings Features for Financial Security

In addition to its lending services, Oxymon has introduced innovative savings features designed to help customers achieve financial security. Auto save, one of their standout features, automatically transfers a chosen amount of money into a savings account, helping customers build a financial cushion effortlessly.

Another noteworthy offering is foreign currency savings. Oxymon recognises the importance of globalisation, and this feature allows customers to save in multiple currencies, safeguarding against fluctuations in exchange rates. This and others savings features like group, target & flexi savings are all available on the new Oxymon mobile app.

Beyond Loans and Savings: A Comprehensive Financial Hub

Oxymon is more than just a loan and savings company; it’s a comprehensive financial hub. The platform offers a range of financial services to meet the diverse needs of its customers. From investment advice to retirement planning, Oxymon is dedicated to helping its users achieve their financial goals.

Moreover, the organisation provides other financial services like utility bills & online payment options. Users can streamline their financial responsibilities by paying bills directly through the app, ensuring they never miss a payment and maintain a strong financial track record.

A Startup Fintech with a Bright Future

As we celebrates our third anniversary, Oxymon stands as a testament to the potential of fintech startups to transform the financial services industry. With a diverse range of loan services, innovative savings features, comprehensive financial growth solutions, and visionary initiatives, Oxymon has paved a path to financial empowerment for individuals and institutions alike.

In a rapidly changing world, our commitment to financial inclusivity and innovation positions us for a bright and prosperous future, where we can continue to empower individuals on their financial journey. As they say in the fintech world, the journey has just begun, and Oxymon is poised to make greater strides in the years to come.

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